10 Nutella Christmas Cookie Recipes

One Sunday afternoon by the fire with a big glass of milk, winter is here! Not to mention the holiday season that is just around the corner.

The opportunity to get together as a family and bake Nutella Christmas cookies, but not only…

Italian shortbread «Frollini» stuffed with Nutella

The taste of shortbread biscuit stuffed with Nutella, what a delight!

However it is a rather delicate recipe to prepare, make sure to get a well homogeneous dough without too much work the recipe here

Vanilla and Nutella Croissants
These croissants are a perfect blend between vanilla and melted Nutella, tell me about it…

At the end of your preparation, involve your children to dip the croissants in the recipe here

Baci di mama au Nutella

A classic of Italian biscuits very popular in Italy at the end of the year, in a very gourmet version with hazelnut and Nutella.

As soon as your balls are ready, remember to keep them cool 10 to 12 hours before cooking, don’t forget this detail . The recipe here

Almond and Nutella Shortbread

Shortbread remains the ideal food to pair with Nutella, these shortbread in the shape of fir and stars will please young and old alike.

Go buy coin cutters with different Christmas shapes before you start your recipe. The recipe here

Nutella Stuffed Christmas Cookie

A chocolate heart hidden in colorful cookies.

In this recipe you 14 cookies you will also need a 7cm diameter cookie cutter, be careful to follow the recipe here

Christmas shortbread stuffed with Nutella

In the shape of a small house, this delicious cookie filled with Nutella will be the perfect companion for your Christmas party, attention only for gourmets!

To help you make 20 shortbread, you can create your own stencil using a piece of cardboard. The recipe here

Cinnamon and Nutella Star Cookies

We keep the Christmas spirit with these star-shaped cookies, with a zest of cinnamon and hazelnuts, you will love it!

The trickiest thing will be to whip the eggs into snow to make 30 starry cookies. the recipe here

Nutella Speculoos Cookie

A speculoos cookie dough will only make you addicted to this cookie, all covered with Nutella and nicely decorated with golden sugar beads.

The recipe here, however be careful to prepare the cookie dough the day before in order to advance you.

Christmas Spice and Nutella Man

A traditional of our Christmas celebrations, this pretty cookie in the shape of a man will naturally find its place in your Christmas buffet.

This recipe is quite simple, the only delicate step is icing by mixing icing sugar and lemon juice to obtain a soft paste. Once ready you will need a sleeve bag to decorate your cookies. The recipe here

Nutella remains one of the most popular and gourmet chocolate pastries, as well appreciated by young and old alike, it will make the delight of chocolate gourmets for these holidays.

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