11 winter drinks for children!

If there is a season where you enjoy a good mulled wine or a Liège coffee, it is in winter! But what about your little loustics?
To make your kids do what grown-ups do, we have concocted a selection of 15 hot drinks that are all more enticing than each other.

The arrival of winter forces us to stay warm in our homes, it is also the return of winter diseases such as gastro or flu.

During this season when the days are getting shorter and the streets are deserted due to the cold, we must be creative and find occupations for our dear cherubim.

Locked between four walls it’s not that simple! Yet winter also brings its share of benefits, especially during the holiday season with the arrival of Santa Claus! So what could be more pleasant than to start cooking in order to please our children.

Whether it’s a winter smoothie, a Liège chocolate or a hot grape juice, you can enjoy them as a family while staying warm on your sofa.

1 – Eggnog

Here is a good remedy against tiredness! Children love it because it is a very greedy and energizing drink.

Eggnog with cinnamon for Cristmas and winter holidays

Of course, there’s no need to add alcohol to this hot drink, but a hint of cinnamon would be welcome. Here’s the recipe here

2 – The Hot Chocolate Vial

Very original, which can even be an extra gift at Christmas, for Mother’s Day or even for the mistress.

The flask contains all the ingredients to make yourself a good mug of hot chocolate, a treat! the recipe here

3 – Warm milk with honey

The most famous winter drink. Perfect to reduce sore throats or when it comes to calming a child before bed, this drink will allow him to relax.

Vegetarian version you can use almond, hazelnut or oat milk.

4 – Cinnamon and Honey Orangeade

A very original variant of this orangeade winter version, here accompanied by cinnamon, orange blossom and honey, the orange will surprise you! The recipe here

5 – Hot Chocolate and Polar Bear

With marshmallow and candy, realize these courses bench, puit can resist?

Soak them in a large hot chocolate, it will make the greedy happiness of your children. The recipe here


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