7 super powerful fat burning foods

Ripe green and red apples on wooden table. Top view

Of course, when it comes to burning fat, miracles do not exist. You have to move!
However, the food you eat can actually help you achieve your goal, and not just by dieting.
Here are 7 super powerful fat burning foods to give you a serious boost!

1. Aubergine
The eggplant is a champion for burning rebellious fat.
Indeed, it acts as a sponge by absorbing fats from the body.
You just need to fry eggplant slices in a little olive oil to see it!
Rich in fiber and pectin, this super vegetable also promotes intestinal transit for good digestion.

2. Apple “One apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This adage may be true, but the properties of the apple do not stop there!
Like eggplant, apple contains pectin, which traps fat in the stomach.
In addition, its satiating virtues allow you to control your cravings and nibbles. Granny Smith is the most suitable variety because of its low sugar content.
And apple on the cake, this magic fruit that really deserves its place in our top fat burning food is really convenient, because you can take it everywhere.
Tip: Add cinnamon for a delicious fat-burning dessert. Indeed, cinnamon prevents the sugar in the blood from turning into fat!

Other fruit incredibly effective for burning fat, pineapple. The stem of this delicious exotic fruit contains an enzyme that promotes the elimination of fats.
Consume it fresh for an optimal effect.

Lemon is undoubtedly one of the most powerful fat burning foods.
It not only helps to digest better and activate bile secretion, but it is also an excellent detoxifier.
In addition, citric acid helps the stomach to destroy fat.
To enjoy all its benefits, drink the juice of a lemon in a glass of warm water as soon as you rise.

Green vegetables
No need to make a face, because it is impossible to get around green vegetables if you want to lose fat.
The good news is that there are many of them. You must love some of them! The most effective are celery, cabbage, broccoli or zucchini.
Green vegetables are also diuretic, rich in vitamins and antioxidants. To enjoy all their benefits, prefer steaming.
Tip: Use spices, fresh herbs, a few drops of lemon or a dash of olive oil to enhance the taste of your green vegetables without guilt.

Lean proteins
If you have trouble eating steamed vegetables without accompaniment, rest assured. You can of course accompany them with protein!
Indeed, proteins are not to be avoided from your diet to burn fat.
On the contrary, they help you preserve your muscle mass

Indeed, proteins are not to be avoided from your diet to burn fat.
On the contrary, they help you to preserve muscle mass and lose fat, provided you prefer lean proteins.
In addition, they help you fight fatigue and stress and stay fit.
Nice on the protein!

Another fat-burning food star, caffeine! Moreover, many cosmetics use it, like gels and creams slimming and anticellulite.
Your morning ritual can therefore help you burn fat.
However, try not to drink more than three cups a day to avoid tachycardia and insomnia. And without sugar, it’s even better!
If you do not like coffee, green tea is a great alternative to fat burning.

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