Top 5 solutions to digest better!

Food intolerance, copious and poorly balanced meals, we are all sometimes subjected to a diet that can cause us problems, bloating, gastric pain, reflux and more simply digestion problems.
So how to fix it? We have selected for you the top 5 tips to prevent digestion problems!
Because prevention is better than cure, you know!

1- Drink enough water!

Throughout the day, stay hydrated enough! Drink plenty of water.
Ideally, six to eight large glasses of water a day would be the equivalent of at least 1.5 litres. Take your recyclable bottle everywhere with you it’s much easier.
Be careful, coffee, tea and alcohol dehydrate more than they hydrate.
Each time you drink a glass, try to accompany it with a glass of water, it is a good habit to take daily and you balanced the dehydrating effects of your drink.
To avoid diluting gastric juices after meals, avoid drinking too much water before, during the meal or right after.


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