Treat everything or almost everything, with these 7 essential oils!

Essential oils are still very little known yet they have incredible properties. They heal quickly, quickly, well and deeply.

They can be stimulating, soothing, antiviral, antiseptic, relaxing and even analgesic.

Very easy to use, they are excellent for health.

We have selected for you the seven essential oils to absolutely use every day.

1 – Mint for the respiratory tract

Mint is very effective for all respiratory conditions: cough, bronchitis, spasms, etc. You can use it in different ways:

Broadcast in the room
Inhalation, 5 to 7 drops in hot water to inhale
Massage: mix 3 to 5 drops with vegetable oil like coconut oil and apply the mixture on the back and chest

2 – Basil acts as a stimulant

Use basil essential oil as a stimulant for general or muscle fatigue with a massage – mix 5-7 drops with vegetable oil and rub with it.

Basil is also effective in case of digestive slowdown, colic, etc.

3 – Lemon improves digestion

Lemon essential oil is very effective for digestive problems. As effective in internal as external use, lemon has antiseptic, stimulating and liver regulating properties.

Use in belly massage for chronic constipation, bloating. For this, mix 5 to 7 drops of essential oil with coconut oil for example.

To use internally, 4 to 5 drops in a bottle of water mix well to fight gallstones, gastroenteritis or difficult digestions.


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